Beautiful Lyric
Tell me something I need to know
Then take my breath and never let it go

I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls

I promise, after that I'll let you go

See I'm just too scared to tell you the truth
Cause my heart ache can't take anymore
Broken and bruised longing for you
And I don't know what I'm waiting for

Too hard to breathe, I'm on my knees
I'm so sick of that same old love, that shit, it tears me up
I’m so sick of that same old love, my body's had enough

I know you thought
That I wouldn't notice
You were acting so strange
I'm not that dumb
And in the end I hope she was worth it
I don't care if you loved me, you make me numb

I love lying next to you
I could do this for eternity
You and me - we're meant to be
In holy matrimony
God knew exactly what he was doing
When he led me to you

This is a modern fairytale
No happy endings
No wind in our sails
But I can't imagine a life without
Breathless moments
Breaking me down

But I've got a blank space, baby
And I'll write your name


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